Sleep Apnea

As a national leader in Sleep Therapy Eastern Sleep & Respiratory helps its customers initially and ongoing with their Sleep Apnea.
  1. We can set you up with CPAP therapy at one of our CPAP Express locations or your home or office.  We have developed an E.C.O. system of tools, including sleep coaches, videos, guides, and support groups to help your become complaint and make shore your therapy is efficacious. Our equipment has wireless connectivity to your healthcare providers so your providers and sleep coaches can always make sure your therapy is working optimally.  We also have the latest in masks which have evolved to be lighter and can be self-fit.

  2. If you need additional support you can always reach us at 857.400.0044, by email at and speak to a sleep coach or schedule a tele-visit.  You can always come into one of our locations to visit a sleep coach in person.

  3. You can also track your therapy progress on your smartphone using an app and receiving coaching tips

We are always there to help you with your therapy.

Sleep Supply Replacement Schedule

Twice Monthly

Mask nasal cushions and nasal pillows
Disposable filters

Once Monthly

Full-face mask cushions

Every 3 Months

Mask frame
Tubing (standard or heated)

Every 6 Months

Headgear and chin straps
Humidifier water chamber
Non-disposable filters