Mission & Values

Our Mission

The mission of Eastern Sleep & Respiratory is to improve the
outcome and quality of our customers’ lives. We do this by
providing the best products, the best service and treating our customers the way we would like to be treated - with compassion and empathy. To do this, we treat our employees like family. We provide opportunities for advancement within the company, prioritize community service and offer our team opportunities to further their education and professional advancement. We are
grateful to our team for investing their valuable time and energy to make the company successful and profitable so we can share the rewards with our employees and shareholders and provide the best in industry service to our valued customers.

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Our Vision

The vision of Eastern Sleep & Respiratory can be summarized in the three pillars of our E.C.O. system:


Engaged patients and employees want to succeed. This will lead to compliant patients and more committed team members.


Compliant patients are healthier and have fewer complications.  High compliance is expected.


Better outcomes are contagious.  Better health.  Better clinicians.  Best Practice. The Best Team.

Our Values

Patients Come First

  • Patients always come first. They come before all other stakeholders, including our teammates and our bottom line.

  • Every time we have to make a choice, we will always choose what is best for of our patients.

  • We work because we care, not because it’s expected of us.

  • If customers are happy and healthy, our business will be too.

Start with Empathy

  • Before every interaction, pause and place yourself in the other person’s shoes, be it a patient, provider, or teammate.

  • Strive to deeply understand the thoughts and feelings of the people you interact with.

  • Patients are at their most vulnerable when interacting with us.

  • Always try to understand their perpective.

Leave No Patient Behind

  • Be reliable. We strive to be the best but we do not let the good get in the way of the great.

  • When difficult situations arise, we go above and beyond to make sure our patients are taken care of.

Focus on Impact

  • Choose the work that makes the biggest impact toward our goals.

  • Always try to understand the impact your work will make.

  • Prioritize impact over activity. Hard work alone won’t get us closer to our mission — only real results will.

Think Rigorously

  • Start from first principles and question underlying

       assumptions. There’s nothing sacred about the               status quo. Question the status quo.

  • Follow the scientific method: hypothesize, test, analyze, and iterate off a failed hypothesis to find the right solution.

  • Recognize when you’re wrong to get to right faster. Be open to changing your mind.

  • Be introspective. Your own strengths and weaknesses are important variables.

Be Humble

  • We are students. We learned to be a caring community from our patients / customers, and we will stay true to our roots.

  • We’re not above other players in the industry who care. We support anybody who aligns with our mission to help patients.

  • Every employee has important expertise, regardless of their role, tenure, or seniority.

  • We all take out the trash and wash the windows.

Think and Act like an Owner

  • Think and act with an owner’s mentality.

  • Keep it simple and innovative.

  • Drive results with an intense work ethic.

  • Pay attention to detail.

  • Be hungry, move faster than the competition.

Exercise Good Character

  • Take responsibility for your actions.

  • Be open to new ideas and recognize your challenges.

  • If you have done your homework, don’t be afraid to respectfully disagree with management.

  • Be humble and operate with an underdog mentality.

  • Respect and abide by all applicable laws, policies and regulations.

Be Inclusive and Respectful

  • We welcome and appreciate diversity.

  • Respect and be sensitive to the environment.

  • Give back to your community.

Focus on our Products and Customers

  • Understand and service the needs of our customers.

  • Deliver quality and excellence at all levels, with a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Be brand ambassadors.