Consignment Programs for Nebulizers and Breast Pumps

We stock and deliver all Nebulizer & Breast Pumps products to your office

Product is given to the

patient and educated by your staff

Patient signs electronically on a tablet

Patient insurance

& the patient are billed.

Nebulizer & Breast Pump Consignment Stock and Bill

For 40 years Eastern Sleep & Respiratory has been servicing Physician Offices, Urgent Care Clinics,  Hospitals and other healthcare professionals throughout the North East. Our Nebulizer & Breast Pump Consignment Solutions were established to help Family Doctors, Pediatric Doctors, Obstetric Doctors, and Pulmonary Doctors provide patients Nebulizers or Breast Pumps directly at the Point of Care. This solution also allows Hospitals, urgent care clinics and other healthcare professionals to provide their patients Nebulizers at their point of Care as well. By using our Consignment Nebulizer Solution your patients can leave your facility with their Nebulizer or Breast Pump immediately from your office. This allows your patients to get the service they deserve by eliminating the wait and coordination of a traditional delivery of a Nebulizer or Breast Pump.

We track your office's usage and deliver more product before you run out.  Your patients get better service and your office does less work.  It is a true win-win for everyone.

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